10 Awesome Tips: How to Pick Up Beautiful Women at the Gym

This article is for any guy who has ever gone into a gym with the intention of working out and getting fit, only to be blown away by all the amazing hotties working out at the same place.

You have probably thought to yourself, this place is full of amazing talent, I wonder how I could get to know some of these fit beautiful women. Well in this article, I am going to show you how.

When we are at the gym pumping iron, getting healthier and more attractive to women, it’s pretty nice to see beautiful women trying to do the same and let’s face it, some of them look pretty damn hot in their hugging leotards and skimpy outfits and as long as you don’t mind a bit of sweat, it’s actually pretty sexy.

Sure you get your occasional chubby housewife or determined senior citizen but if you go to a good gym then at least half of the women should be do-able because the fact of the matter is, most beautiful women want to continue being beautiful and so they want to work out. eastside gym

Some women go to female only gyms because they don’t like the leering stares of horny men or are just really insecure about their bodies but most prefer to just go to the mixed gender gyms because on some level they enjoy being checked out by lots of guys, it’s good for their self esteem and they want to feel wanted.

That doesn’t mean they sleep with every guy there that wants them because most beautiful women aren’t attracted to the insecure guys who look but are too afraid to touch, they want the guys who are courageous and masculine, who approach them with confidence and ease and make them blush like bashful schoolgirls.

Most guys will just glare at girls from across the floor and keep trying to catch their eye, hoping that they are checking him out and they like what they see. Then after awhile they might build up the confidence to approach but when they do they get shut down because they have already demonstrated that they are not confident high value men.

There are however a minority of guys who attract and seduce women at the gym regularly, who use the gym as a great avenue for meeting beautiful women; these guys know the rules of the gym seduction game and they understand the etiquette.

I am one of those guys, I have been for years, ever since I decided that I no longer wanted to limit my ‘hunting grounds’ to nightclubs and bars; I realized that the gym like many other public places was full of opportunities to seduce beautiful women, all I had to do was learn through a lot of trial and error the best way to consistently attract and seduce beautiful women at my local gym.

I am now going to share with you the fruits of my labour in these “10 tips for picking up beautiful women at your gym“. If you follow these tips precisely then you too will learn how to seduce gym hotties with a skill and class that will leave your gym peers envious.

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